Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Global Obesity: We're Getting Bigger

The visual above shows global obesity rates and their changes since 1990. The storyboard explains that the US has seen large obesity gains since 1990, but trends have reversed (slightly) in recent years. I suspect that the fitness industry is finally having a larger impact than the junk food industry on our waistlines. This could also explain why the child obesity rate continues to tick up: fitness marketing is rarely aimed at children.

The data also show that almost every country has seen an increase in obesity rates in the past 25 years. Although the US is on the high end, several countries in the middle east and Oceania have higher obesity rates. Use the filters to explore the data on the last slide- switch between adult and childhood obesity, include overweight in the statistics, or find a specific country or region by clicking on the lists.

Source data is re-purposed from this visualization by the talented Ramon Martinez, and is originally from Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation available here. 

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