Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Six Months of Home-Cooked Meals

I'm lucky that my wife is great at cooking and meal-planning. To do my part, I made a spreadsheet that tracks our meals and related data points (taste rating, cost, etc...). So, um, my wife is lucky too?

The visual below shows the first six months of data.

The top half shows all the meals we recorded for the past six months. Use the protein menu in the top right to filter the data, or click on an icon to get a link to the recipe. 

The bottom half sorts the the recipes according to the parameters on the lower left. The default position uses taste as the most important parameter (10), and price as the least important (3). Adjust the sliders to resort. The bottom half also has a filter for protein choice, and for whether the recipe is online. (Many of our recipes come from two different cookbooks by Mark Bittman, and some were made from scratch.)

If you're interested in how we record the data, you can view the spreadsheet here. The main weakness of the spreadsheet is that it relies on a ratings system, which is tough to calibrate and I think depends on our mood. Ideally, I'd like to switch to a pairwise comparison system, particularly for the taste rating. This might be difficult to implement though. Jenny is a great cook, and has been a great sport about entering meal data, but she is less of a good sport when I quiz her about whether she really prefers minestrone over sausage bean kale soup.

I plan on updating this as we get more data- follow me on twitter for a notification, or use the e-mail subscription on the right.