Saturday, April 4, 2020

Covid-19 Mortality Rates by Metro Area and County

Use the filters on the right to switch to a specific state or from metro areas to counties. You'll likely want to change the mortality rate and death count sliders (can also type in a value) in the bottom right when looking at a single state or at counties.

Metropolitan areas include a city and it's surrounding suburbs, as defined by the US Census Bureau. Micropolitan areas have the same description, but represent smaller cities.

The next graph is helpful for viewing all the counties or metro areas in a state:

The log axis at the top of the post is helpful for showing whether the rate of change has slowed. Exponential growth, which is typical in the early stages of an outbreak, appears as a straight diagonal line in a graph with a log axis. When the line curves down, the growth is slowing.

The last graph is similar to the first, but uses a linear y-axis. The linear axis below is helpful for showing the actual difference in magnitude of mortality rates across metro areas.

County mortality rates are compiled by The New York Times. Their  metro-level Covid-19 visuals are here.

The graphs above focus on mortality rates because testing varies so much by region that case rates comparisons can be misleading.

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